Mesmerizing Mehak Mirza-A storyteller

Women nowadays are stepping out of their conventional jobs and roles and pursuing their passion with elan.  When we look around us, we see so many women following their heart and, in the process, encouraging and giving strength to other women too.

Mehak Mirza Prabhu is one such amazing woman whose journey has been interesting and inspiring.  She has become a very popular name in a very short span thanks to her talent of storytelling and connecting with the audience who somewhere connect with the stories from the heart.  Her unique way of storytelling makes her distinct and popular.  She story tells in various languages and has been featured in many prominent websites.

She runs an online story telling school named Jhumritaliaya.

In Mehak’s words, “My journey of storytelling started by falling in love with storytelling in my very first attempt and that love affair never stopped after that.”  Her journey as a storyteller began as an instinct and even after being so successful her journey is still based on her instincts.  Like all the other journeys, her journey has also been full of challenges.  Mehak says, “The only tough part is wrong decision-making, as one wrong decision can become  a hurdle in your own path. Make Mindful Choices”

Mehak writes and performs on stories of all genres.  She says whatever touches her heart becomes a story and she feels she can do justice to that as a performer.  She doesn’t think of stories as such, the thoughts come to her as per their convenience,and then the story flows on its own. Mehak acknowledges that becoming a storyteller has been the biggest achievement of her life.  Her advice for women who want to pursue their passion of storytelling is “simply start”.


Mehak says, “I want to handle success but never want success to handle me.”  That’s the sign of a modest and successful person!  For all the women, as well as men, out there who aspire to do something and pursue their dreams Mehak’s only advice is “Do it for yourself.”

Looking forward to hearing many, many more inspiring and heart touching stories from Mehak!

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