About Us

Maa2Mom: A Worldwide Network

Maa2Mom is one of the fast-growing communities with thousands of mothers worldwide. This is an online community connecting mothers and, more importantly, generations of mothers all over the globe.

The Maa2Mom Vision: To inspire mothers of all generations, provide counseling on various important topics and help them lead to a fulfilling life.

What does Maa2Mom Do?

Maa2Mom is proud to include in its fold have mothers from India, UK, US, Europe, Australia and from multiple Asian countries actively participating in the community to help others irrespective of race or nationality.

The Manual for Mothers: Maa2Mom brings together on the platform experiences of mothers from different generations, in order to help each other. Since its founding in Oct 2015, Maa2Mom’s team has hosted approximately 100s talk shows and meets with various female experts on women and motherhood issues, on how to cope up various situations of life stages, relationship, dealing with kids in different cultures and most importantly women health including depression and mental health.

Maa2Mom for Mother Earth: Maa2Mom has also taken a number of steps to educate and promote environment and health awareness via Maa2Mom. It has promoted plantation, avoiding plastic practices and contributed to the environment in different ways.

Making Moms Stronger: Apart from educating and helping people on some core subjects which are very close to womanhood, Maa2Mom also promotes women’s entrepreneurship. It encourages women entrepreneurs to advertise, promote and sell their products and services online.
Through Maa2Mom, they connect and counsel each other to earn while staying at home, with the skills they have.

Reaching Out for Greater Common Good: Maa2Mom is also associated with the underprivileged – a case in which it is not possible to reach online. We partner with NGOs to contribute to various social objectives including women empowerment, depression, kids education, environment, rehabilitation and others.

Connect and celebrate: Maa2Mom also promotes arts, skills, and occasions. A lot of competitions (few of them every week) related to art and craft, cooking and various other skills are regularly organized.

The celebration is important to lead to a happy life. We celebrate every possible occasion with different activities. To make people participate, we keep the community lively and enthusiastic with lots of meets, workshops, contests, and conversations. To promote different skills, contribution and inspiring women, we have also started recognizing women leaders in our community in our annual events.

About The Founder

Jyoti Agarwal: Founder, Maa2Mom

Jyoti Agarwal is a young, passionate and vibrant woman. Mother to a young child, she initiated the Maa2Mom community out of a need. This was a need to connect, to communicate and to celebrate everything that meant being a mother.

As a business and marketing consultant, Jyoti loves to encourage and mentor mothers in the Maa2Mom community on how they can be independent and start earning a livelihood harnessing their unique skills. She has been coaching 100’s of mothers via Maa2Mom via different means of communication, for free.

Mental health is a subject very close to Jyoti’s heart. She has gone through mental health issues multiple times. She has always believed in being very vocal about it and insists on the need to talk about it too. Through Maa2Mom and personally, she has counselled many mothers worldwide, on need to talk about it with their family, the need to take medication and deal with it with a positive mindset.

It is Jyoti’s always-positive and effervescent spirit that has created the vibrant and nurturing platform of Maa2Mom.

Contact details:

Founder: Jyoti Agarwal

Email: connect@maa2mom.com

Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/maa2mom

Page: https://www.facebook.com/Maa2Mom/