Commonly asked diet related questions

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When we go to the doctor, we have many many queries to ask. The doctors answer them most of the time. Some of the queries are very specific and some are general.  One such general topic is Diet and food. Most of the time doctors get badgered with food-related queries. Here are a few questions which are most commonly asked. I am trying to answer them today.

Q: I get a lot of acne and pimples which my mum says is due to eating excess mangoes, pickles, dry fruits etc. Is it true?

Ans: The answer is yes and no. Dry fruits and nuts are healthy and should be consumed. Mangoes are a healthy seasonal fruit. But things like pickles, fried food, processed food, salty snacks do lead to acne and skin problems. Try to eat fresh fruits and veggies and drink lots of water.

Q:  I want to follow a healthy lifestyle, which is better brown rice or chapati?

Ans: Both are healthy.

Q:  I am pregnant if I eat papaya in pregnancy my neighbour says I might lose my child. Is it true?

Ans: This is not true. Papaya is a healthy fruit and can be had by pregnant women. We have heard this since ages about papaya and if it worries you, have it sometimes. On other days have other fruits.

Q: What are some ideal food items recommended by you to have in pregnancy for good health of me and my child

Ans: Here are a few tips:

  1. Have foods rich in iron and calcium as the requirement of these 2 nutrients increases during pregnancy.
  2. Don’t eat for two, that is a myth.
  3. Eat small and frequent meals.
  4. Have milk and milk products.
  5. Have nuts and leafy vegetables.
  6. Have seasonal fruits.
  7. Have good quality protein rich foods.
  8. Stay away from maida, sugar and spicy food.
  9. Sip on water.
  10. Stay active.

Q: My aunt says If I eat milk product like curd with fish or chicken simultaneously, it becomes poison in my stomach and I will get white spots on the skin. Is it true?

Ans: Not true at all. Curd rice and fish fry is a staple in Kerala.

Q: I want healthy and glowing skin like film stars. What should I eat and drink?

Ans: Here goes:

  1. Drink lots of water. Many of us miss this first step.
  2. Other ways to stay hydrated are chaas, nimbu paani, green tea and coconut water.
  3. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, at every meal.
  4. Eat nuts everyday.
  5. Eat fish especially mackrel and rawas.
  6. Exercise and be physically active.
  7. Most important- sleep well.

Q: I have kidney stones. What can I eat and what should I avoid?

Ans: Dos and Don’ts

  1. Drink lots of water.
  2. Have ccalcium-richfoods.
  3. Eat less salt.
  4. Avoid too much animal protein.
  5. Avoid beets, nuts, spinach, sweet potatoes and chocolates.
  6. Avoid alcohol and colas.

Q: I have been giving gutti gripe water to my infant child. Is that healthy?

Ans: Paediatricians don’t recommend using gripe water for babies. Avoid.

Q:  I have diabetes but I also have a sweet tooth. Please help me.

Ans: With diabetes, you have to be very careful about your sugar intake. But you can eat 2 fruits in a day. Don’t eat them with any meals, have them as a snack.  When you have a craving for sweet, chew slowly on 2-3 raisins. It will take care of the cravings.

Q: I have heard some fruits have high sugar content and glycemic index and should be avoided especially by diabetics. Is it true?

Ans: Yes, low glycemic index fruits are better for diabetics. But portion control is a must as there is something called glycemic load. Too much of low glycemic index food increases your glycemic load, hence loading your system with sugar.

Q: I am diabetic but I love sugarcane juice? Can I have it?

Ans: You can have it once in a while and not a full glass. Have a shot 😉

Q: I am a gym freak want six pack abs and want high protein diet. Can I practically make prepare such food at home?

Ans: For six pack abs, you need protein supplements along with a high protein diet.

Q: I have high cholesterol what are some do and don’t in my meals?

Ans: Avoid fried, processed and packaged food. Avoid prawns. Exercise.

Q: I keep falling sick often. What should I eat to boost my immunity?

Ans: Vitamin C rich foods boost your immunity. For example, lemons, oranges, sweet lime, guava, kiwi, broccoli, bell peppers. Fresh herbs and spices also help to boost immunity.

Q: My tuition teacher told me cranberry juice is good for urinary infection is it true?

Ans: Yes, it is.

Q: My granny feeds me turmeric for many ailments. Does it really work?

Ans: Yes. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory antiseptic properties among other benefits.

Q: I have high BP and heart disease. Which oil should I use for cooking ?

Ans: Good oils to use are rice bran oil, olive oil, mustard oil and canola oil.

Q:  I am a vegetarian. How can I get protein in my diet?

Ans: Vegetarian sources of protein are dals, legumes, milk and milk products, nuts, seeds and soy.

Q: My lab report suggests I have low haemoglobin. What should I eat to bring it to normal?

Ans: Eat iron-rich foods like leafy greens, organ meat, eggs, chicken, nuts, broccoli, watermelon, dates, lentils, beans and soy products. Have vitamin C rich foods also. Avoid iron blockers like tea.

Q: My child is very fussy, choosy and doesn’t eat well at dinner but is always ready for chocolates and candies. What do I do?

Ans: Here are a few tips:

  1. Make dinner a family time.
  2. Say no to special requests at the dinner table. Everyone should eat the same food.
  3. Make food nutrient-rich by adding pureed greens to roti atta or dal to roti atta.
  4. Make mix vegetables.
  5. Don’t store junk food at home at all.
  6. Introduce your child to new tastes.
  7. Involve your child in cooking or planning meals.
  8. Don’t give in to all the demands. A NO should mean a NO.

These are the questions which many of you also have in your mind. Hope this helps you all by answering your queries.