Go Forza Football!

Go Girls Goal!

Remember our childhood days?  After coming back from school and a little study, we used to go out and play.  On holidays and weekends also, it was playing for us, sometimes free play, sometimes playing any sport. 

But today the most common complain that we have from parents from kids of all age groups is that kids don’t want to play outdoors.  They are glued to their mobiles and gadgets.  Of course, parents themselves are responsible somewhere because, let’s face it, this is a generation of Smartphones, apps, and hence our kids are also exposed to it at a very early age.  Let’s encourage kids to be outdoors more than indoors.

Football is a sport which not just provides physical activity to the kids, it also helps to inculcate the spirit of teamwork, discipline, and agility in the children.  Want your kids, both boys and girls, to start young?  Want them to be physically fit?  Want to inculcate team spirit in them?  Want their overall holistic growth?

Your wait is over.  Forza India Academy is here to revolutionize the grassroots of Indian football.  The academy trains and develops football at grassroot level and provide professional training to children from the ages of 4.

How is it different?  Forza not just trains children, it also involves parents and hence encourages to build a community because grassroot communities build successful football culture.

Forza wants to give the children exposure of professional training and along with that inculcate the values of team work, discipline, respect, decision making, fair play, etc. which help to develop their overall personality and shape up the children to become better versions of themselves.

Forza not just gives excellent professional football training to children, it also takes care of the holistic development of kids and conducts workshops on nutrition and psychology for overall nurturing.  The certified coaches teach football through fun and interactive sessions.  The aim is to make the kids understand football and various other aspects of the game through the training sessions and also participating in recognised tournaments, giving them a real match like experience. These match experience helps kids get over their fears and learn to deal with the pressure at a very young age.

Sounds very interesting and exciting..right?  So, what are you waiting for?  Enrol your kids right away and see them bloom!  Let them be a part of the new revolutionary football.  Let them become fit and strong both physically and mentally.

For girls under 10, there is 25% discount!  What more can a parent ask for?

Let your child make a goal!

For more details, visit https://www.forzaindiaacademy.com