10 must follow precautions for kids before getting back to school

10 must follow precautions for kids before getting back to school

 It has been almost 2 years since COVID19 first raged across the globe. Due to the pandemic, all public operations had to shut down. This includes schools, colleges, public transport, restaurants and most of the workplaces. The government began to enact protocols to prevent the spread of the virus. One such protocol was home quarantining and curfew. As a result, everything had to switch over to the virtual domain. From work to education, everything started becoming online during the pandemic. While this helped ensure that life goes on unaffected by the pandemic, it resulted in a drastic lifestyle change for everyone.






The pandemic resulted in everyone staying indoors. What’s more? Not being able to go out has prevented people from socializing. But the true victims of home quarantining are kids. Children learn a lot about life from socializing. The quarantine has deprived them of their chance to learn and grow, both socially and academically. Learning occurs best when it involves a physical learning environment and has hand-on activities, particularly for children. What’s more? Kids become accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle due to being at home.

But now that the virus is getting under control, schools and other public places are opening all over the globe. While this is good news to some parents, many are still worried about their child getting infected by the virus. Nevertheless, parents should consider sending their kids back to school, but at the same time prepare their kids for the sudden change in lifestyle and equip them with skills required to keep themselves safe from the virus. This way parents won’t have to worry much about their child and at the same time guide their children through this transition. Here are 10 must follow precautions for kids before going back to school.

1.Getting your kid vaccinated

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is vaccinate your kid against COVID 19. This is especially important because the chances of infection increases when your kid goes to school. There they will meet a lot of other kids and vaccination can help reduce the chances of infection.

2.Teaching your child to wear mask and use hand-sanitizers

Next, you need to properly educate your child about the importance of following COVID19 SOP: wear a mask, wash hands and use hand sanitizers. This way they can protect themselves and help prevent spread of the virus. It is essential that children be taught about the impact of COVID 19 so that they can understand the seriousness behind following the SOP.

3.Training your kid to follow a healthy sleep schedule

Home quarantine would have definitely jumbled the sleep schedule of kids. Kids may have been accustomed to going to bed late and waking up late. This will prove to be difficult for them once they return to school. Hence parents should train their kids to sleep early and wake up early. This can help ease the transition and prepare them for waking up and going on time to school once it starts.

4.Precautions for separation anxiety and adjustment issues

Quarantine would have resulted in kids spending more time in the presence of their parents. When they go back to school, this separation could affect particularly younger children who have gotten accustomed to mostly being in their parent’s presence. What’s more? For many kids, the post-pandemic school environment may be new and they may face adjustment issues. Parents should help their kids cope with the adjustment to the new school environment.

5.Spend time to talk to your child

It is important that parents spend time talking to their children, so that children have the opportunity to tell their parents about all the happenings in their life. This can allow parents to keep track of their child and understand all the issues that they may be going through.

6.watch out for signs of stress

The post-pandemic school environment may probably be stressful to your kid. So parents need to be vigilant for signs of stress in their children. Early identification and intervention can help prevent stress from impacting children’s lives and prevent it from progressing into a more serious issue.








7.Digital deaddiction

The biggest challenge that parents will face is trying to get the gadget away from their child. During the quarantine, most schools made the jump to virtual platforms. Hence parents had to introduce gadgets and the internet to their children. But children, known for their inquisitively, would have eventually ventured towards other non-academic applications of the gadget and internet. This is good to a certain extent, beyond which children lacking self-control eventually become obsessed with it. Hence parents should help their child get de-addicted from digital gadgets and the internet.

8.Communicate with your child’s teacher

Last but not the least, it is imperative that parents establish communication with their kid’s teacher so that the teacher can update them about their child’s activities and progress in the post-pandemic school environment, and parents can inform teachers about challenges that the child goes through at home.