8 Years of Infinite Love and Resilience. by Nidhi Singh

8 years of Maa2Mom!!

As I begin to write on this title, I cannot help but remember the first time I heard the word Maa2Mom. A friend of mine casually mentioned about an open mic since I had been writing poems, and the word Maa2Mom found a very intriguing corner in my head. I instantly logged into FB and searched for it. The feed on the page looked inviting but I thought to myself why would I ask questions about my baby to a bunch of unknown women.

And soon I logged out.

After performing at the open mic and meeting the team of Maa2Mom, what stuck most to me was the authenticity of these women, their genuineness stayed with me. 


My concerns of ambiguity were put to rest when a candid (spur of the moment) question about my inability to breastfeed my daughter on the Fb group was so kindly handled and my guilt was put to rest by the so-called unknown women.

It felt as though they knew me, they understood my journey. That was it. The rest is history. It’s been 5 years and counting, not a single day goes by, that I don’t log onto M2M Fb group.

Maa2Mom which began by one spirited woman way back in October 2015, is not just an online platform but is a phenomenon that seeps right within us and pushes us to wade through the storms. Today we are a family of more than 80000+ women connected worldwide.

From the early days when we were finding our footing to the hurdles we face even now, each challenge has only made us stronger. It’s said that diamonds are created under pressure, and so are the bonds we’ve forged in the face of adversity.

The number eight, often depicted as the symbol of infinity, holds a profound significance in our journey. Just like the figure eight, our community’s love and support have no end. It’s the loop which upholds our vision and our mission. We’ve created a space where mothers from all walks of life come together, forming an unbroken loop of compassion and understanding.

These eight years have not been without their fair share of challenges. Each initiative has begun with a clear intent to help and ease the journey of motherhood. All programs and campaigns that we align with, we begin from ground zero. Months of planning, executing, meeting, arranging funds and resources is all done by women who have busy households and busier families to run.

Tejal Barot, CEO (Maa2Mom) has been with Maa2Mom for 5 years and shares that her journey here has been so enriching and valuable. However, she elaborates on the daily struggles of running a huge community. She states it is not all rosy as it looks from outside. The struggle to garner engagement online is real and is disheartened at times when mothers don’t reciprocate the support given on the platform. Brand collaborations also give her a tough time at times, but in the same breath states that we are fortunate to meet people who trust our community.

Growth of the community, in terms of numbers was the biggest challenge for Co-founder and Vice-chairperson Nisha Bairathi. She remembers the initial days of the community and how they brain-stormed to create appropriate content to have consistent engagement. It was challenging to begin offline meet-ups to foster bond and warmth within the members. She also says that coordinating with the admins/team was also a challenge since they were homemakers as they were required to fulfil home duties first.

Out of curiosity, I logged into M2M Fb page and while surfing (it’s a daily routine now), I was pleasantly surprised to see so many feedbacks and reviews of the community. To find such endearing words I felt overwhelmed and so I wanted to share here as well.

Avani Shah says “Maa2mom is group created by the women for the women. It’s highly recommended because it provides a platform for every woman to show and display her skills and also to promote the same. The members of the group are very helpful too.”

Alka Mehta says “Maa2Mom is a great community for moms all around. It’s great to be a part of the community which connects on all levels to different aspects and gives each person a platform to grow, expand and see different facets of life. A multi-talented group!!

According to Suman Popli “I like it because this is a platform where all women show out own Talent. Wish u all the best to all beautiful women”.

Kusum Kanwar wrote “This has connectivity with Moms, who are keen to learn and explore more…there is a lot of sharing of ideas and most importantly, everyone respects each other!

Wow!! Thank you, kind ladies, these reviews and feedbacks make our day and also motivates us to try harder to pursue our vision.

Our journey has been a testament to the power of teamwork. Behind the scenes, a dedicated team of administrators work tirelessly to ensure that our community remains a safe, welcoming space. The support and understanding we share extend not only to our members but also to each other. This teamwork is the backbone of our community, ensuring that we stand strong together, no matter the storms that come our way. The bond we share is something which needs an article on its own, as we are each other’s biggest and loudest cheerleaders.

Our community embodies the very essence of motherhood – a journey filled with love, sacrifice, and unwavering support. We’ve celebrated cultural differences, learned from each other’s traditions, and found common ground in the shared joys and challenges of raising children. We’ve cheered each other on as we’ve reached for the stars, proving that motherhood doesn’t limit our dreams; it amplifies them.

The number eight reminds us that our journey is ongoing, that our love and support will continue to flow infinitely. Let’s continue to plan, fail, try, and keep moving, knowing that every step forward brings us closer to our dreams. Let’s cherish the impact we’ve had on each other’s lives and on mothers around the world, knowing that our support has made a difference.


In this journey called Maa2Mom, there is no end to the love and support we can offer one another. As we enter the next chapter of our community’s story, let’s do so with open hearts, boundless love, and the unshakable belief that together, we are resilient and infinite.

Cheers to 8 and infinite more years!