Bed Time Routine for children

Bed time routine with kids


I love bedtime. It’s my most favorite time of the day
with respect to my children. Major interaction throughout the day with our kids
do this, do that”.
We all live in tight schedules and finding quality time to engage in meaningful
conversations with kids seems difficult in daytime. But bedtimes are all about
the kids and us. I love to listen to them and when they share their feelings,
it definitely puts me in a happy place. It helps us to slow down, connect and
get sorted for the next day. After a round of brushing teeth or a bath,
changing into night suits, I start with the bedtime

Most children love to ask questions, listen to their
favorite story, snuggle with you before calling it a day. And before they doze
off, we could engage with them in a hearty talk to utilize bedtime in a
productive way. These are some of the things that I follow;

·       Ask simple questions:

  • How was your day? 
  • Are you happy/sad?
  • What was the best thing that happened
  • What do you want to dream about

§  Snuggle it up:

  •      Use this time to snuggle and cuddle 
  •     Lay down (whole family) and just talk 
  •      Read a book together
  •      Could use this as a Gratitude time

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      Just kids time:

      30 mins before bedtime, we have allocated it solely to the kids. My husband and me
take turns alternate days to do WHATEVER the kids want for those 30 minutes. It
could be playing hide and seek, a round of Ludo, coloring or just jumping up
and down on the bed (which I dislike even if there’s a mere mention of it). At
times the toddler is too tired for anything, then it’s just a story.


      Moral values:

       I have been consistently practicing talking
to both my kids about good values and virtues that we should try to imbibe. A
child’s character is built at an early age and becomes the foundation of
 their very being. You can share small incidents and stories about doing good and being fair. It’s great conversation
with the kids and serves dual purpose

Important people in our lives:

       Each night we talk of people who matter to our children, who love our children.
Whoever is part of our lives but we don’t see them daily get mentioned. And
also, of their grandparents who are not there with us anymore. Believe me my
daughter talks about her grandmother as though she is right here, though my
mother-in-law passed away much before she was born.


Prepare for the next day:

      This may sound unnecessary but it’s of great impact if done routinely. To put
it at the back of their mind how their next day would be like, it prepares them
better to handle certain things. For eg. my toddler dislikes her online
classes. So, when I mention about the class next day, after a few tantrums she
accepts it and knows for sure that it’s something she has to attend. She wakes
up with an acceptable frame of mind. Works for me!! Doesn’t it help us even to
run through what we’ll be doing the next day.

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Bedtime story:

      This is something all parents invariably do. To read a story from their favorite
book or to make up a fictional story is really exciting for children. They love
to wander off to faraway fantasy land. It enhances imagination and develops
reading/listening skills. Reading also boosts a bond of love between the child
and parent. You could start a story one day and continue reading for several
days. It brings excitement for bedtimes as children look forward to it.

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Sing a song:

      Bedtime songs and lullaby’s stimulate relaxation and peace. Listening to the
same songs over and over again gives a feeling of calm and comfort. Kids will
eventually have a peaceful happy sleep.


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 Early, age-appropriate bedtime can significantly affect your child’s health
emotionally, mentally and physically
nighttime routines and schedule ensures the child to get a sound sleep and
function their best. They will wake up fresh and well rested. Following a good
bedtime routine should be a family priority and everyone has to work as team.


It’s entirely upon us what kind of a schedule we want
for our kids. But having one is necessary. To get them into a mood and slow
down before hitting the bed. Sleep is considered a medicine now a days. Sleep
well, live well.

As Mesut Barazany put it “Your future depends on your
dreams, so go to sleep”.


What is the routine you follow with your children?

Am I missing any good points?