**How can Mothers de-stress**


Covid -19  has shaken us completely from top to bottom , left to right and turned our world’s upside down . 


Such times that were neither fathomed nor expected intrude upon us – endangering our very existence which we had taken so much for granted .


It’s a serious pandemic where close to 9 lac people have lost their lives. Their jobs. Their livelihoods. Their loved ones. Their homes. And a dozen other things. The list is endless. 


Each one of us is aware of the havoc it has brought upon us .

Men, women and children are all equally struggling and are stressed.Each one is dealing with the situation differently.The perils of stress cannot be stressed enough. Unchecked stress can be harmful to our health and to our family’s well being. Moreover a long term effect of stress on a MOTHER is that it can lead to a difficult mother-child relationship.



It’s difficult to judge and say whether it’s the FATHER  who’s more burdened. Where at normal times it was office for 5 days and  home only for 2 days (pre-covid ) to 7 days work-from-home now (post covid).

Or the MOTHER who is looking after the house, the husband, the children 24/7 for the entire period of lockdown. A work-from-home  mom is surely handling more than ever.

But this post comes from a stay-at-home mother and my perspective of this lockdown. It is DIFFICULT . DEMANDING. TIRESOME. We are locked inside our tiny Mumbai homes with no help ( especially when your husband works in an essential service) . And with children being at home with no school , no extra curricular activities and no playtime, it is stressful. 


***So when do you get time for yourself ?


***What should you do to maintain your sanity?


***Is indulging in yourself selfish?


***How much me-time is a good time ?


***Does it really help?

Do you find yourself asking the above questions ?? If yes…..


Take a look at the answers;

 ▪️▪️Now in the midst of the 6th month of the lockdown, I know this for sure. It’s not impossible to take out some time off for yourself.

With high levels of stress ruining and creeping into our lives, It’s essential to take time out . Any time and whatever little time .


️ ▪️▪️️De-Stressing is important to relieve us from the incessant stress of the current scenario. . Every day hearing of covid stories takes a toll on our mind.

We need to ease our minds and body into de-stressing . It helps us to maintain better health, better relationships , better sleep. There’s marked reduction in irritability and depression as well.


◾️◾️Taking care of yourself is a gift to your family, When a mother feels well she can certainly look after her family lovingly .Self-indulgence is not a negative trait , it only enhances your happiness quotient. Mother’s need it the most . 


▪️▪️Me-time is personal and individual to each and everyone. While a cup of tea works wonders for me, it could be baking for another. Some love to indulge in self-care and few love to do gardening. Time is relative, depending on your choice.


▪️▪️It rejuvenates and makes you feel fresh instantly . De-stressing at home is an inexpensive way (no spas and salons as of now) to boost your mindfulness. It helps us to become more aware of the present.

Here are a few of my favourite things .

They may work for some and may not interest others. But please do read to the end . 

Stress buster no. 1


WRITING –  Writing down poetries is my first passion and it completely cuts me off from all worldly tensions.Lately I have begun story-telling

( only 2 so far) and doing radio live . It has opened up a new world to me and I am loving it.

Stress buster no. 2


 A CUPPA – Tea , well that’s my      

 first love. And since my husband and me

 both are tea-holics, it gives us the much      needed we-time-relaxation and we discuss everything while holding the tea mugs. 



Stress buster no. 3


PRETEND PLAY – If I had written the  blog 6 months back , this at number 3 would be 1st. But pretending and playing with my 4 year old  has exhausted me beyond words of all the roles that I have become. But , yes it still is on my list 😀.

Stress buster no .4


VIDEO CALLS Calling and speaking to my friends is a sure shot winner for me.Just reminiscing of old days and laughing about weird stuff we did together changes my entire body language and relieves me from any stress that I am withholding. 




These are my top 4. Listing down a few more options which I enjoy and you can definitely dive right in to try. And I’m sure some of you must be already doing a few  of these listed activities to de-stress. 

** Yoga/ exercise /walks


**Art Craft 




**Netflix/Prime (Streaming services)

**Social media


** Gardening 



**Online classes ( many options are available)




** Praying


** Writing a journal 




** Family games

These are some of the options worth trying to  let your mind , body relax and rejuvenate . Which of the above interests you and why? Do suggest any other activities which you love to do to de-stress.Staying safe at home is our priority at this moment. By keeping ourselves healthy with a good mind and a rejuvenated soul, we can hope to beat stress at bay.  Hope you enjoyed reading this article. I Would love to hear from you all. Please like , share and subscribe if you enjoyed reading it.

Nidhi Singh