Chetna Srivastava- Journey of a healer weaving threads of Empathy

Imagine a scenario, a school girl feels that her best friend seems very upset. Concerned she asks only to be rebuffed but she persists. Her friend, seeing that she is truly worried, begins talking about the problems she is facing, her listener gives her sane but practical advice.  The friend follows the advice and finds that it is working for her.  She thanks her advisor and then the word spreads. Many more begin coming to the little advisor to share their concerns and seek guidance. Meet Chetna Srivastava, an educator, healer and alternative therapist.  The team of M2M met her to know her better. 

Sitting at her home in Lucknow, she is the embodiment of the elegance that the ‘City of Nawabs and Tehzeeb’ is famous for. We begin talking about her life and its mysteries.

M2M : Chetna, tell us a little about yourself and how did this journey begin?

Chetna: My journey into the realm of healing began when I was standing at the crossroads of life, undecided and anxious. Wanting to guide my students not only in their educational endeavors but also show them the path towards a better future. You see, from the very beginning, I was someone who people turned to for support and understanding. It was as if attracted souls that needed comfort towards me.

M2M: So you were always inclined towards the mystical?

Chetna: When I look back, I feel yes I was. At first, I thought that it was just a part of who I was – someone naturally accepting and empathetic.

Actually I began with my role as an English teacher. Surrounded by eager minds, I was already helping others navigate the world of words and emotions. Yet, there was a yearning to dive deeper to understand the complexity of the human mind and heart.

That is when I stumbled upon a course in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). It was like opening a door to a hidden world of therapy tools, where language and psychology intertwined. I searched through, eager to learn how to support others on a more intense level. I was happy guiding my students towards a bright future through education.

But, like they say the Universe guides you in ways you don’t understand. I found myself drawn to the mystical art of Tarot reading. These cards whispered the secrets of the soul and I couldn’t help but listen.

M2M: That is so interesting! What did you do next?

Chetna : Of Course, I followed the path shown by the Universe, as according to me one has to surrender and  follow it with faith and belief. I turned my interest into my passion and I worked towards becoming the Tarot Grandmaster. The more I delved into these practices the more I realized the potential for healing and transformation they held. To take this journey further I took a turn towards alternative therapies and healing practices. I embraced techniques like Emotional Freedom Therapy, Metaphor therapy, Inner child healing and Jin Shin Jyustsu.

M2M: So, what began as a curiosity-driven exploration has now become a calling!

Chetna: Yes! A calling that I couldn’t ignore. So, that’s how I embarked on the path of healing – a path that began with empathy and evolved into a journey of discovering the profound impact that energy, intuition and alternative therapies can have on the human spirit.  It’s a journey that continues to unfold, reminding me that healing is not just about words; it is about embracing the profound dance of energies that resides within us all.

M2M: Chetna, who has been your biggest support in this?

Chetna : (without thinking) my family and the divine presence of Hanuman ji!

My dad who was a banker and my mom who was a house wife, instilled in my sister and me the virtue of gratitude. They were and are our biggest cheerleaders, supporting us to fulfill our dreams and ambitions within the limited means available.

The presence of Hanumanji has been a source of solace, a refuge in times of doubt and challenge. It’s as if his mighty presence resonates within me, fortifying my determination and bestowing me with the strength to face hurdles. His energy infuses my spirit reminding me that every obstacle is a stepping stone to grow.

M2M: Who has played a powerful role in your childhood other than your parents?

Chetna : My grandfather. He was follower of the progressive Arya Samaj movement and played a significant role in shaping our upbringing as it kept us away from rituals and superstitions, emphasizing the importance of rational thinking and broadening our horizons through reading.

M2M: Have you had any experiences that touched your heart, while seemingly unrelated?

Chetna:  Now that you ask, I am reminded of an incident that happened a few years ago. I was struggling in my career and life in general. I planted a seed in a pot, watered it regularly and waited for it to sprout.  But, to my disappointment, the plant did not develop. Just when I was losing hope, a small plant emerged a little away from the place it had been planted. Making me smile when I realized that we need not find answers where we are looking for. The answers are all around us, we just need the right vision. It opened my eyes and a new vista.

M2M: Chetna, many members of the M2M team have consulted you and found your prediction and advice very easy to follow. The surprising part is that your consultation is not very expensive. What do you have to say about that?

Chetna: . I believe that Money is energy and there should be a positive exchange of energy.  You see my goal is to reach as many people as possible and not earn money for myself.  I want that people come to me without hesitating about the cost and seek advice. Also,in the world of predictions and healing, confidentiality and word of mouth play an important role. When someone who has got the answers to their problems and is satisfied will only then recommend me to someone.  Like I always say Money is not the ruling factor, satisfaction of the person seeking answers is.

M2M:  How can people reach you?

Chetna:  They can reach me through my mobile number 80092 22277. My Email id is , my residential address is B-1/20, Sector B, Aliganj, Lucknow -226024. They can connect with me anytime. Just drop me a message and we can connect whenever it is convenient to us both. 

M2M: Chetna, what is your dream?

Chetna:  My dream, woven with the threads of empathy and intuition is to be a healer –to extend my hand to those who are seeking not just knowledge but a touch of understanding and healing. I dream of being a guiding light for others, a source of comfort and transformation. I want to create a space where healing energy flows freely.

M2M: Thank you so much Chetna for this insightful session. Alsi we would like to share testimonials of a few members of Maa2mom who have consulted you, if it is okay.

Chetna :  The pleasure is all mine. M2M Community has been a very big part of my journey from teaching to healing, I am grateful for the support provided by this wonderful community. And as for the testimonials, I will be happy to share those.


The Testimonials provided by Maa2Mom members who have consulted Chetna Srivastava

I had an encouraging supportive and understanding experience with Chetna ji .She was in tune with me and I was open with my questions, not knowing exactly what I wanted to know and came out feeling like I had direction and more sure of myself. She gave me insight, confidence in helping me to trust my intuition and my feelings and to be true to myself as the emotions I’m going through is a natural process and I should go with it and not to blame myself for this. I was very general with my questions which could be difficult to answer but she was specific with her guidance, giving me the knowledge All this to some extent helped me what I needed to go with my journey ahead. Not only this she also provided excellent solutions to my problems.

I was a skeptical person when arrived but left with contentment

Thanks and much power and energy to a soul like you.

Neetika Choudhary Maa2Mom Group Lucknow

Chetnaji, Thanks for providing an insightful reading. Your assessment was accurate and more importantly the remedial measures were and to the point. I am very content with the remedies and the prediction provided by you.

Nisha Bairathi, Co -Founder Maa2Mom.