Hop and Jump-World of fun!

Fun unlimited!

Motherhood brings a lot of change in a woman.  She wants to give her child the best.  She takes care of the safety of her child.  Two such moms wanted to give not just their children but all the other children an open space to play, jump, and have a good time.

It’s well known that women are great multitaskers and hence these moms, Prachi Gupta Suri and Rimjhim Khaund, conceptualized the whole idea of Hop N Jump and took their first step towards entrepreneurship.  Hop N Jump is a flagship centre for the parent company Terra Fun.  Set up in 2017 Hop N Jump has been extremely successful in conducting birthday parties, picnics, summer camps, etc. in just a short span.  The concept came from our desire as moms to have a safe, fun and friendly place in the vicinity which kids can visit frequently. To establish a centre for various kid-centric activities.

Hop N Jump customizes events as per the requirements of the clients.  Interestingly, the idea was developed when these lovely moms were sitting at a kid’s birthday party. 

Today after a year of successful run, both the women are working hard to expand their dream venture even further.  They are striking the correct balance between being wife, mom and entrepreneurs.  Their growth has been very encouraging, and the current focus is to make the business profitable. Their focus area is to build alliances and partnerships which will allow us to make Hop N Jump a success. Looking forward to franchising and expansion. 

Their advice to the budding entrepreneurs is to do thorough research of the chosen field, the market and then build detailed and realistic project costs and revenue scenarios before starting and to be open to changes and challenges.  

Way to go Prachi and Rimjhim.  Your story inspires so many women who need a push to take that plunge towards their dream!



Hop N Jump (A Terra Fun venture)

Unit 1, Second Floor, Espee Tower,

Opp. Tata Power, Above ICICI Bank,

Rajendra Nagar, Dattapada Road,

Borivali E