Let Them Grow!

Imagine a situation where your toddler is trying to put on his T-shirt; he is putting it incorrect.  What will you do?  Either you will immediately go and put it on correctly or allow him to put it on in the wrong manner, appreciate his efforts, and then teach him the correct method.  By following the second method, you are building up your child’s confidence.

Every parent wants to raise a confident kid.  A confident kid grows up into a confident individual who can face the world, talk to people, tackle any kind of situation, and be self-reliant.

I have two children one is an introvert and the other an extrovert.  I used to worry about my introvert child.  I thought that because he interacted less or was less talkative, he might not be confident.  But I was wrong.  The basic nature of the child has got nothing to do with confidence.  Even the most outgoing person can be under-confident from within!

Some pointers on raising a confident child, which I believe might be useful

1.  Since the time a baby starts achieving milestones, let him learn on his own.  Often parents fear that the baby might hurt but trust me babies are the most resilient creatures on earth!  Have you seen the victorious smile on a baby’s face once he learns to roll over, walk, stand, or sit?  That’s his confidence.

2.  When the child commits mistakes rectify him instead of rebuking him.  To err is human.  We all make mistakes.  The child should be asked to learn from his mistakes.  Sometimes parents scold the kid and forbid him from doing the same stuff as they believe he will make mistake again.  Let him make try it again; the next time he will do the task better.  This will instill confidence in him.

3.  Encourage the child to pursue unknown things; encourage him to take up challenges.  Never demotivate him by saying, “You can’t do this!”  Always say, “At least give it a shot, no matter what the outcome is!”  This will encourage him to take risks in life.

4.  Never shout or abuse him in front of his friends, relatives or publicly.  This makes a huge impact on his confidence.  Always talk to him when at home and try to keep the tone normal.

5.  Never compare him with anyone!  Appreciate and accept your child the way he is!  Both my kids are opposites of each other nature wise, yet they have their own..


Article by Ritwika Roy Mutsuddi