Managing stress at work


The world has become a competitive place.  To shine brighter than others, to have a better life, to succeed in life everyone is working hard.  But this has added loads of stress in everyone’s life.

Here are a few pointers to manage stress at work:

1.   1.  Give your best but don’t expect everything to work as per your wish or plan.  Sometimes we work hard on a project or deal but don’t get the desired result.  It feels bad but we can’t keep on lamenting.  Gear up for the next project with equal enthusiasm.

2.  2.  Stay positive.  Being positive helps to see things in a broader perspective and keeps us as well as our surroundings brimming with energy and positive approach.

3. 3.  Don’t expect too much from the colleagues; after all everyone is trying to achieve their own goals.  One can obviously work as a team but ultimately everyone has to fight his/her own battle.

4.  4.  Stay calm.  I know it’s easier said than done but trust me I have seen people with a calm mind handling a stressful situation much better than a flustered and hyper person.

5. 5.  Keep a schedule ready for the week.  It eases out a lot of stress and helps manage work better.

6. 6.  Talk it out!  If you are in a doubt instead of keeping it to yourself communicate with your team or seniors.

7. 7.  Take a break.  It helps one rejuvenate and work with greater energy.

Stress cannot be eliminated but can be managed to an extent.