Most important thing in Parenting is YOU

  • As a mother of school going children, we are often pulled in all directions by multiple activities that seek out for our attention. Everything seems important right from the first gong of the alarm clock. Breakfast, Tiffin, School bus, Extracurricular classes, School homework, Bag arrange, Planning for school projects, Dinner, Weekend activities….the list is bottomless…!! It gets even longer for an office-bound mother. In this back to back stack of tasks, how about taking a few minutes to recoup in the day with our favorite activity. How about setting a set time each day as a routine…ME-TIME. That every one including the kids know is Mamma’s recoup time…sacrosanct and comes with a DO NOT DISTURB note. That is the moment when we start looking at ourselves beyond motherhood. That is the time we look at the mirror and smile at life, do a little jig, a jog, a sing, a chat, pamper ourselves with anything that tells us “I AM LIVING AND KICKING”, not just for my kids, not just for my family…But for MYSELF.

    How about this being the most important time of the day…After all, these minutes are our energy source that keep the master blaster in us up and running for the rest of the hours.

    Respect your ME-TIME…The mother in your deserves a break and the woman in you deserves some pampering.