New Born Baby Massage


I need that massage mommy!!


Welcoming a new-born baby into our life is a blessing, we all agree there. No second thoughts about it. For first-time parents it becomes very hectic, confusing and over-whelming sometimes. Hoping not to skip out anything that is of slightest importance, parenting a new-born is a task that requires sheer dedication. Planning the feed-burping routine, the sleep cycle, important medications and vaccinations are of prime significance. But there is also one another thing which plays an important role in improving the over-all health of a new-born. Yes! Massaging.

There’s research to suggest that massaging an infant has enormous health benefits for them to grow and thrive.

In our country it is an inseparable part of baby-care and has been an age-old tradition.


Benefits of massaging an infant:

These  are various reasons to start your infant on a daily massage schedule.

  • ·      It calms a fussy and cranky infant.
  • ·      It induces sleep.
  • ·      It promotes blood circulation
  • ·      It eases tummy troubles.
  • ·      It strengthens bone development.
  • ·      It boosts muscle development.
  • ·      It forms a indescribable bond between the child and caregivers.


Having understood the benefits of baby-massage, there are 2 other important parts to it. The when and the how?


When to massage an infant:

  • ·      Some parents give massage to their infants every day while some prefer to do on alternate days.
  • ·       We can do the massage in the mornings so the baby stays fresh and active throughout the day or we could do this at bedtime to soothe the baby for a good peaceful night.
  • ·      Performing a massage soon after a feed can cause vomiting, so that has to be kept in mind.

·      One must observe and listen to a baby’s demands and moods. Your baby should be calm and alert when you get down to a massage.


Steps to massaging a baby:


·      Pick a safe and cozy spot for starting. You can spread a mat or a towel and lay down your baby. Gradually undress the baby while conversing. helped in creating a warm bond.

·      You can choose any oil or lotion. Starting slowly apply very little pressure and massage each body part. From head, face, ears, shoulders to arms. Going down towards the belly press very slightly in circular motion. Cover both hands and legs. And finally lay your baby on his/her tummy and massage the spine in slow circular motion hands moving out.

·      Duration of the massage completely depends on how much the baby likes it. It could vary from 15 minutes to 45 minutes or an hour even. Key here is to follow your baby’s needs.

·      Once the massage is done with, give a nice warm bath with a mild soap and Voila…your baby is ready for a deep and peaceful sleep.


It will take a few massages to get into a flow and understand the practice of giving massages to a baby. Take it gradually and within no time you will be developing a deeper, intense bond with your baby.

You could also go in for a mama’s massage to soothe your nerves and fulfill the much-needed pampering. But that’s for another time.

Enjoy your time massaging your beautiful children!!

And thank me later…

Do share your massaging tips for new mommies out there.


nidhi singh