Shruti Jha on a mission to give kids Green Experience!

Get kids Go Green!

Times have changed for our children.  Gone are the days when kids would be seen enjoying and playing amidst nature.  Its not entirely their fault as in a metro like Mumbai there is dearth of open spaces and greenery.  Also, the kids are burdened with studies and extracurricular activities.

But those who are enterprising and want to nurture the learning process of children in nature can strive to go that extra mile to bring the change.  Founder of Green Panther Shruti Jha has this amazing journey of how she began her entrepreneurship journey with an idea that stemmed while she was teaching her child.

Having left her apparel industry job to take care of her baby, Shruti got involved in teaching and playing with her.  But Shruti realized while teaching her daughter numbers and alphabets that there was nothing that taught the kids about nature and environment.  Shruti wanted not just her child but other children to enjoy and learn about nature.  So, she started to conduct workshops in the residential societies.  That’s how Green Panther was born.

But as all new ventures face, Shruti also faces quite a few challenges.  Firstly, not all societies are responsive or cooperative in helping her conduct her workshops.  Secondly, most children these days go to a number of classes after school and hence are left with no time.

Green Panther engages methods where kids get to learn from nature, like they learn to identify animals by paw prints, learn to tell time by position of sun and shadow, touch the soil and sand, feel grass and leaves, and learn about ecology and ecosystem.  Doesn’t that sound really great and exciting?  How we wish all kids get to learn like this.

Shruti has got response from the parents and kids though she wishes that more and more kids join in.  The kids who once enrol in her club never leave it as they enjoy it so much!  The parents are also happy that their children get to participate and learn from various outdoor activities.

Expansion is the next step of every entrepreneurship.  Shruti now is looking forward to taking the next step by developing learning and activity toys and kits based on nature and environment.  She is all set with the concept and idea.

Shruti wants to give this message to all women who want to do something of their own “Every woman has the potential and some talent, it’s just about realising the passion and you can do it.” Being a mother changed Shruti’s perspective and priority, but she does her best to do something in which she can involve her daughter and also give the required time for her upbringing.  Aren’t women so good at multitasking?