The Bullet Paani Puri Sensation!!



A 21-year-old girl, pursuing her B Tech degree, takes to the streets, cruising on her Bullet motorcycle. Serving delicious, healthy and an all-time favorite Indian snack Paani puri. Sounds like an Indian film story, right? Well, that is not the case and here I present to you, the most intriguing and inspiring story of a woman entrepreneur.

This is the story of BTech Paani Puri Wali, Tapsi Upadhyay, who has started a paani puri stall In Delhi. Her monthly earnings have touched 9 lacs. And this is just the beginning. Having topped the district in grade 10th, she was born to succeed. But what is so unique about her paani puri?

Tapsi aims to serve healthy street food to the people of Delhi, breaking down the myth that street food is unhygienic or unhealthy. She serves air-fried, maida-free paani puri providing a healthier alternative. Her masalas are hand-crushed and organic. She uses eco-friendly pattal bowls rather than plastic takeaway bowls.

So, she started on an entrepreneur journey while she was much younger. Boss-Lady in the real sense, Tapsi says that age is just a number. While studying for her BTech in Bangalore, Tapsi ran a North-Indian restaurant. It shut down during covid. She took the plunge of selling paani-puri, to get rid of a problem rather than a business proposal. The issue was of not finding healthy options as snacks, while she was out. She began her journey with the support of few friends who funded her passion. While she never expected her business to do so well, Tapsi just went along enjoying the challenges that came her way. The support of her parents is her key to success.

Tapsi is a wise and an exceptionally positive person. Breaking stereotypes and stigmas along the way, she sure is an icon for the youth of our country. Her message to them is simple, think big and just begin somewhere. Her parents have always been very proud of her and they pass on valuable lessons onto her. Focussed, dedicated and fond of music, Tapsi has no plans of marriage in store as of now.

Running her stall attached to a Bullet motorcycle, is an inspiring image for women across different backgrounds. It gave me goosebumps when I saw her video. It was so liberating, to understand that no job is big or small and also be reminded of a woman’s determination. Tapsi wants to employ girls, to run her stalls through a franchise model of the BTech Pani Puri wali.

A hard-working girl, who loves her home-cooked food, Tapsi is on the verge of expanding her model, adding more authentic healthy Indian snacks to the business. Many question why a degree-holder would opt for such a livelihood, while others applaud her for choosing financial independence by choosing a road less travelled.

The rush at her Pani puri stall rebuts all.questions of doubt, and if the bank statements are of any proof, well I want a BTech Pani Puri wali stall as well. I can totally smell the heavenly aromas of the tamarind and the coriander water.

Our community hosted her Facebook session and the viewer’s were so inspired with hundreds of comments pouring in. Her aura and her vibrant personality were very appealing. Nobody missed any part of the conversation, she sure left a mark on our audience.


Her positive persona is as attractive as is the taste of mouth-watering plate of pani-puri. Her mantra in life is simple , she tells us to keep smiling and move on



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