Businesses around the globe have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. They have shut down offices and have transitioned employees to work from home. Time magazine has called it the “world’s largest work from home experiment”. Working from home may seem like a dream for many and a real challenge for some. On the other hand there are so many people who do not have this luxury and are battling out the pandemic on the front lines. They are doing everything in their hands to make sure we have some degree of normalcy in our lives.



The switch-over from conventional offices to a (digital) work from home scenario happened without planning and in most cases without a dedicated home office. Because of which the companies are worried how it would affect business. 

Months since the pandemic struck, wfh is the only option for many yet there are a lot of things that can still derail your home-office environment. There is a huge difference between working from the office and working from home. Working from home presents many distractions around and we just can’t think of it as a holiday. We need to figure out how to do it productively

So, here is a list of 10 points which will enable you to easing from WFH:


  1. Prepare a work station– It is important that you allocate a workspace for yourself. You cannot be working from your couch or bed .Try to organise a desk & chair which is comfortable and you can use for longer hours. If not available, you could invest in a good chair where you will be spending a big amount of your time as of now. Keep everything you use on a regular work day in this allocated space so you avoid running around to look for stuff



  1. Stick to a routine-Plan out your mornings before you begin your work hours. Shower,   get dressed and look presentable. Don’t lounge around in your pj’s as it will only make you lethargic and easy-going. 

  2. Make a schedule– It’s easy to lose your concentration and intent for your work when you are home. So the first thing that you should start with is to plan out a schedule and be disciplined. Discuss the day’s tasks with your colleagues. Allocate more time for vital jobs, assign proper breaks and a proper lunch time .House-hold chores should be integrated in your daily schedule .But don’t try to mix office and home chores.  

  3. Take proper breaks– One tip that’s very important for all working from home is the importance of taking breaks. It’s daunting enough to work both for office and home together and so easy to get absorbed in them. You must get away from your laptop, do some dishes or laundry, call a friend or just take a nap. You should mentally disengage or you might drain out totally. Take a walk and let your mind cool off for a b

  4. Equal responsibility Communicate and coordinate with your partner. Be clear to share equal responsibilities so you could work out the new schedule. You need to make sure other family members also pitch in and not take you for granted since you are working from home. Also you should agree to let each other work in peace and in their own space.

  5. Be honest with your teammates- When you are bound to wfh, you will need some breaks to work-out, go for a walk or just an unexpected house chore will need attention. The important thing is to be open and honest about it with your teammates. Learn to communicate with them about the status of your job in hand. As long as you meet the deadline, no one will object. Just be honest



  1. Don’t skip mealsWe usually tend to be more forgetful of our meals when we are home and deep neck in work. Try not to skip meals and do not keep postponing them. Schedule your lunch break and follow it. A disturbed eating cycle will do more harm to your body than you can even imagine. It will eventually make you more tired and unproductive.

  2. Set work-time limits- It is important that you divide your office hours and personal time effectively. It is easy to answer those emails from your couch late in the evening when you are supposed to be done for the day. Distancing from work can also be helpful and don’t be tempted to do any work outside of the office hours.

  3. Socialise with Co-workers- Catching up with colleagues for a quick lunch or a quick tea break offered in-person socialisation. Connecting with co-workers is probably more important than you think. We normally spend most of our time at the office in close proximity with our co-workers. Now with proximity gone it is needed to keep the communication lines open. Make the socialising virtual so you don’t lose touch with your colleagues, whether it is by holding a video-conferencing lunch or a happy hour.

  4. Self-careA survey from the World Economic Forum suggests a heavy decline in health and wellbeing working from home. Since there are no office and home boundaries, the pressure and stress has been high for everyone. In times of self-isolation, being productive and happy poses a big question mark. Self-care should be a priority for everyone even if WFH is not for long term. Take out time to exercise, go for a walk ,do meditation or whatever you like. You must prioritise your health and safety.

While working from home boasts of many advantages like no early alarms, no commute, flexible work hours , it also brings a host of negatives . Being cooped up in our homes , very less physical movement, no proper barrier between work and personal life are some of the problems associated with it




In a document ‘Minding our minds during the COVID-19 pandemic’, the Union Health Ministry said staying at home can be refreshing but it can also bring some challenges to us. 

We need to engage ourselves in positive thoughts and occupy in activities which help .



Technology giant Microsoft has decided to expand its work-from-home policy and make it permanent for some workers.

The company has issued the new “hybrid workplace” guidance which states how employees can have a more flexible remote work schedule and even relocate elsewhere in the country, while it continues to adjust to changing needs during the ongoing pandemic.

As of now work from home is the safest option available to us  till we are in this pandemic . By hoping the vaccine comes out sooner than expected, we have to find a temporary solution. 

By entering into the scenario with the right mindset—knowing you may actually be putting in more effort than before—you can do a great job and enjoy the benefits that go along with it. The key is to find the balance between work and home chores.

I hope these points will be helpful to you. Do share your tips if you work from home.