Zarriya- Free crochet training by Aamani’s Crochet





Aamani’s Crochet- Specialised in Crochet Fashion, a budding crochet company is the brainchild of dynamic CEO Mrs. Sriparna Das Chakraborty. The company has successfully made a decent list of Indian and foreign clientele by providing a wide range of quality handmade crochet products. They have proudly and successfully sponsored goodies like crocheted bookmarks and table runners to the awardees and honourable guests in the 11th National Women Excellence Awards 2018-organised by Indo-European Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises(IECSME-India) which was held on 25th November in New Delhi. The artisans who are presently working for the company are handpicked and trained by Sriparna herself. She has researched and mastered the art of crochet over a period of eight years before starting this venture and  is an expert who molds the simple threads into masterpieces of art. She passes this skill to the artisans too. With the increasing demand of orders, keeping pace with the classes and networking with the artisans isn’t that easy but Sriparna’s hard work and perseverance come so naturally to her that she manages everything very well.


Zarriya– free crocheting classes for the underprivileged yet talented kids and women is another endeavour  of Aamani’s Crochet where the women and children are trained for free and guided well to develop the skill of crocheting. Through Zarriya- Sriparna has been fulfilling the dream of empowering women to become financially independent. The programme has successfully culminated with Shiksha Charitable Trust( NGO, sector 40,  Gurugram)and Vidya Mandir Margam (NGO, Gurugram) where  the children were trained well to create their own customised artworks of crochet. Also the women have been trained through evening classes at Shiksha to become artisans. At Vidya Mandir Margam, Nathupur, DLF Phase 3, Gurugram a batch of 15 ladies has successfully completed 3 months training programme and currently the artisans have tied up with Aamani’s Crochet to earn their living. Similarly such workshops are still going on to equip the artisans with the skill to become independent. Even homemakers who yearn to earn their share of income for the family are coming forward to give their time at the comfort of working from their homes.

Zarriya- as the name suggests is a medium to reach the talented artisans and also those children who cannot afford to learn a new skill by shedding money. The children from the NGOs have shown a lot of enthusiasm and picked up the skill to knit many products like earrings, purses, wall hangings, jewellery etc. Their creativity knew no bounds when they learnt simple crocheting techniques. The wide range of products include garments, home decor, accessories, jewellery and many more.  Aamani’s Crochet- Ace crochet manufacturer is a promising endeavour in the wake of providing handmade crochet products and through Zarriya the CEO Sriparna has set new standards as SHE BELIEVES IN EMPOWERING OTHERS WHILE SHE EARNS AND SERVES.


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